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  • Jinan Enoch Auto Parts Trading Co.,Ltd

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    QQ: 3023930958 info@enoch-auto.com

    Products > Brilliance > H320 > Brilliance H230 Front Bumper 3106763
    Product name : Brilliance H230 Front Bumper 3106763
    Product No. : Brilliance H230 Front Bumper 3106763
    MOQ : 
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      We are the exporter / wholesaler of Brilliance all kinds. For any enquiries, you can just send with part number, part name and parts quantity to us, we will quote you our best and precise prices. If you are not clear of part numbers, we can also quote with vehicle details.


    A, Engine parts

    B, Body parts

    C, Chasis & Suspension parts

    D, Electric parts

    E, Air condition parts

    F , Gear Box parts

    A: Packing detail: each product will be packed in individual box with label of all information (such as part number, part name in English or Spanish or Russian or Arabic and Chinese) on it, and boxes will be packed in carton, cartons will be packed in wooden cases. Heavy parts, light parts and fragile parts will be packed separately.

    B: Lead time: up to your order quantity, normally 7 days for air order, 20-30 days for shipping order based on containers

    C: Payment terms: 30%T/T as deposit , L/C at sight, Western Union

    D: MOQ : One piece for each item

    3106763 Front Bumper 前保险杠
    3106769 Front Bumper Grill 前杠网
    3106870 Front Radiator Grill 前格栅
    3106764 Front Foglamp Cover, Left 前雾灯盖 左
    3106766 Front Foglamp Cover, Right 前雾灯盖 右
    3106770   前雾灯盖 左 堵盖 
    3106771   前雾灯盖 右 堵盖 
    3106765   左侧雾灯外罩装饰框
    3106767   右侧雾灯外罩装饰框
    3106796 Front Bumper Bracket, Left 前保险杠安装支架 左
    3106797 Front Bumper Bracket, Right 前保险杠安装支架 右
    3106840 Metal Bracket-front Bumper 前保险杠骨架
    3106798 Rear Bumper 后保险杠
    3106800  Rear Bumper 后保险杠  带倒车雷达
    3463034 Installing Bracket-Rear Bumper, left 后保险杠安装支架 左
    3463033 Installing Bracket-Rear Bumper, Right 后保险杠安装支架 右
    3411903Y Rear Bumper Metal Bracket 后保险杠骨架
    3107574 Rear Logo 320 后标 320
    3477031 Front HeadLamp, Left 前大灯 左
    3477032 Front HeadLamp, Right 前大灯 右

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